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We have a nice long list of funny questions which you can easily ask your girlfriend. These questions will simply allow you to learn more about her and at the same time, you can chuckle. Just before asking these questions you need to be ready as your girlfriend can ask the same question to you.

love quotes for himIt is nice to spend some nice and funny moments with your beloved one. Those light moments will only assist in achieving a long lasting relationship.

The only aspect of concern is to keep you girlfriend’s personality in your mind while asking these questions. These funny random questions must no hurt her.

Try out the following ones and enjoy some light hearted moments with your girlfriend. Check it out

  1. Which food would you like to be? – It is a nice funny question to ask and next time you can offer her the food and make the moments lively.
  2. Which worst suggestion you have ever received? – The answer to this particular question will tell you a lot about your girlfriend choice. The question might result in a long or short story of how the suggestion went wrong.
  3. Which animal you resemble? – It is a bit tricky question to ask but most of the girls won’t mind in answering to it. The animal she selects will definitely reveal her personality. You will come to know whether she is polite, aggressive, cunning or sharp in nature.
  4. Which color you like most? – The color which selects might offer you a perfect opportunity to impress her. You can buy a similar color dress and gift her on a special occasion.
  5. Name one person who you hate the most? – This is a nice and effective way to find the person which your girlfriend doesn’t like. Avoid bringing that man in conversation as she might get hurt and quit talking.
  6. Have you ever involved in a fight with your friend – This question will easily result in an interesting animated story. If your girlfriend is dealing with some aggression issues, you will come to know about that.
  7. If you win million dollars, what will you do? – This is a great question to ask if you are interested in knowing about her true dreams.
  8. Which cartoon character you resemble? – Try to figure about whether your girlfriend’s personality resembles the select cartoon character or not. You can also suggest the cartoon character which you believe your girlfriend matches the most.
  9. Superpower you would like to have? – Ask this question in order to find out which superpower really interests your girlfriend. You can end this question with a nice complement and convey she has the power to mesmerize you.

Asking funny random questions will help in finding the jolly side of your girlfriend. Just try to keep these questions simple and avoid getting deep in answers if your girlfriend is not interested.

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