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The function of the presser foot on a sewing machine is to hold the clothing material alongside the feed dog, thus making it possible to sew in a straight line. Now, you know why it is necessary for you always to lift up the presser foot whenever you want to re-position your fabric under the needle. Most sewing machines come with the standard presser foot, and can be used to carry out a lot of sewing projects. However, it has its limitations. Some procedures or techniques appear to be very challenging when using this standard presser foot. Therefore, you may find it difficult to execute such techniques using the basic presser foot. There is a myriad of great presser feet, available in different formats or designs. Therefore, picking the right presser feet that will help you to execute that intricate sewing pattern shouldn’t be much trouble, and you will be able to work faster and easier, allowing you to produce professional-looking results.

Sewing Machine Feet And How To Use Them

If you’re not sure about the type of presser feet that will be suitable for your sewing machine, consulting the manual that came with it when you bought it should give you some hints about it. However, you may have no choice than to purchase a specialty foot for your sewing machine. If that is the case, then it is advised that you visit your sewing machine dealer that is if you did not purchase the sewing machine online. Your local dealer will let you know the type of presser foot you need after you’ve explained what you want to do and will assist you in finding the one that will be suitable for your sewing machine.

Types of Sewing Machine Feet

The Standard Foot– Also known as the ZigZag or All-Purpose foot, it usually comes with a majority of sewing machines, straight from the factory or dealer. It can be used for almost all kinds of sewing projects: zigzag, straight or decorative stitching can be done with the aid of the All-Purpose presser foot.

The Walking Foot– This type of presser foot is used when the fabric you are working on is slippery, or when you want to stitch several layers of fabric simultaneously without shifting. Quilters are in love with this presser foot.

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The Gathering Foot– This component is used to produce soft gathers in your clothing material. The underside of the gathering foot is designed such that it feeds the fabric in a way that makes it gather in-between stitches, thus producing a soft, gathered edge. You can control the density by changing the length of the stitch, for the longer the stitch, the more gathers you will generate.

The Zipper Foot– This is used for attaching zippers.

The buttonhole foot – This foot is used for creating buttonholes which correspond exactly with the size of the buttons to be used in your sewing project. Place the button in the presser foot, and the sewing machine uses the buttonhole foot as a measurement to create perfect-sized buttonholes.

The Button Sewing Foot– This is used for attaching buttons on fabrics. However, it can only be used for attaching flat buttons and not on buttons with a shank back.

The Overedge or Overcasting Foot – This foot is used for the finishing aspect of your sewing project. The overcasting foot is used on the edge of the clothing material so that it doesn’t fray or ravel. It is used in combination with the overcast stitches.

The Blind Hem Foot– This presser foot comes with a metallic guide in its center and is used to create hems with stitches that are hardly noticed. It is the ideal presser feet used for garment hems or window coverings. The grooves that can be found on the underside of the blind hem foot also help to grip your clothing material to prevent it from slipping off the needle plate while you are sewing.