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Humidifiers are essential device that every mom should have in their baby room. Not all humidifiers are good for babies. In the market you will find various humidifiers rated by online sellers. Some manufacturers claim they have the best humidifiers for babies. Well, can’t dispute the fact but in as much you are in search for a humidifier, there is need to buy the right type for your baby. Generally, on the market you will find two major types of humidifier; the warm mist and the cool mist. Both are good depending on season of the year you are in.

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Typically, warm mist such as the steam vaporizer provide mist by heating the water to boil and cooling it before releasing it as cooled steam. Warm mist humidifiers sometimes release hot steam which makes this type not a good choice for parents with children. One good side of a warm mist unit they kill germs and bacteria that do breed in water in the process of boiling. On the other hand, cool mists as the name sound are known to provide cool moisture into your home environment. Due to cool mist nature, these types are good for young skin like that of your newborn. Although the cool mist humidifiers are children friendly, they are known for high risk of emitting bacteria and viruses that lives in water. So when buy this type, it is advisable to use de-mineralized or treated water with it in order to prevent your baby breathing in contaminated air. Remember bacteria and virus stay longer in a high humid environment. So don’t over humidify your home. The ideal humidity level of indoor is stated to be from 30 to 60℅ according to health experts. Any deviation between these ranges is not good to health. Also remember as you add humidity to your home with your humidifier, ensure to clean it at least once every week especially when you know you have a little baby that bad air can easily affect.