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We have a nice long list of funny questions which you can easily ask your girlfriend. These questions will simply allow you to learn more about her and at the same time, you can chuckle. Just before asking these questions you need to be ready as your girlfriend can ask the same question to you.

love quotes for himIt is nice to spend some nice and funny moments with your beloved one. Those light moments will only assist in achieving a long lasting relationship.

The only aspect of concern is to keep you girlfriend’s personality in your mind while asking these questions. These funny random questions must no hurt her.

Try out the following ones and enjoy some light hearted moments with your girlfriend. Check it out

  1. Which food would you like to be? – It is a nice funny question to ask and next time you can offer her the food and make the moments lively.
  2. Which worst suggestion you have ever received? – The answer to this particular question will tell you a lot about your girlfriend choice. The question might result in a long or short story of how the suggestion went wrong.
  3. Which animal you resemble? – It is a bit tricky question to ask but most of the girls won’t mind in answering to it. The animal she selects will definitely reveal her personality. You will come to know whether she is polite, aggressive, cunning or sharp in nature.
  4. Which color you like most? – The color which selects might offer you a perfect opportunity to impress her. You can buy a similar color dress and gift her on a special occasion.
  5. Name one person who you hate the most? – This is a nice and effective way to find the person which your girlfriend doesn’t like. Avoid bringing that man in conversation as she might get hurt and quit talking.
  6. Have you ever involved in a fight with your friend – This question will easily result in an interesting animated story. If your girlfriend is dealing with some aggression issues, you will come to know about that.
  7. If you win million dollars, what will you do? – This is a great question to ask if you are interested in knowing about her true dreams.
  8. Which cartoon character you resemble? – Try to figure about whether your girlfriend’s personality resembles the select cartoon character or not. You can also suggest the cartoon character which you believe your girlfriend matches the most.
  9. Superpower you would like to have? – Ask this question in order to find out which superpower really interests your girlfriend. You can end this question with a nice complement and convey she has the power to mesmerize you.

Asking funny random questions will help in finding the jolly side of your girlfriend. Just try to keep these questions simple and avoid getting deep in answers if your girlfriend is not interested.

When it comes to the question of finding the best knife that you can cut your meat with there are a lot of choices that you can go for. Unfortunately, you do not have the time or money to go buying all the knives just to see which one cuts your meat best.

But be aware that you have to get the best knife sharpener in order to make your experience with these knives worth it.

You need a knife that is not only reliable but it is efficient as well as meat can be a bit tricky cutting it with the normal electric knife sharpener

You need a knife that is not only strong but it is long as well so that it can go deep and as wide as possible. Below are the top five best knives for cutting meat.

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

This knife is not only affordable but it is also one of the best when it comes to meat cutting. This knife combines all the best features that you would expect for it to cut meat the way that it should.

The fact that it is a stainless steel blade is good news as that is exactly what you need. With a really ergonomic handle, you can never expect to go wrong with this blade when it comes to cutting your meat.’

Victorinox 12-Inch Granton Edge Slicing Knife with Fibrox Handle

If you are looking for a knife that is not only able to slice the meat like you want to but it is also really safe to use, then this is it. It is long so that it maximizes the surface that it can cut with a slip resistant handle, this is just the right kind of knife that you need. You can use the entire edge of the knife for cutting so you never worry about that.

12-Inch Straight Butcher Knife by Brandobay

This slip resistant handle blade is one of the best that you can find on the market and it is really ergonomically designed which guarantees comfort as well as balance. This blade never needs any sharpening and it is why it is actually a must have in your kitchen if you want the best slices of meat.

Ontario Knife 7111 Old Hickory Butcher Knife by Ontario Knife Co

If you ever need a knife for the toughest meat that you can find on the market, then this is the absolute choice that won’t disappoint you in any way. It is made of the most quality material and the fact that it is one of the best-crafted knives for your meat is why it is absolutely amazing.

This is a knife that won’t let you down no matter the type of meat that you subject it to.

Old Hickory 7-14 Inches Butcher Knife

This is also another knife that you seriously need if you are considering having your meat cut into the right shapes. A truly incredible knife that is long enough to increase the surface area that it will cover when cutting the meat. It also has a very sturdy handle that is slip resistant so you know you are always safe when using it. You can never be disappointed when using this one.

In this review we are looking at our next pick of home rower and this comes in as the HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine – so it has one heck of a name but it is a good rower? That is what we are here to find out and first we will look at the features of this rower.
The HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine gives you a high quality piston rowing machine with 12 levels of hydraulic resistance, the product is also advertised as having strong commercial grade cylinders and a trait that seems present in all of the rowers that we have reviewed this one folds up into a compact unit for storage.


With this rower, you could also get an LCD unit that will show you time, stroke and total strokes as well as calories burnt.

HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine

The interesting aspect of this rower is that there is no plastic to be seen and the unit is made completely out of metal. It is also easy to put together and the seat is padded and seems firm enough when you sit on it.

One thing you should put in mind that this machine’s resistance level is hydraulic, so when you start working out on just level 1 it would a big amount of strength. But if you consider yourself strong and looking to push yourself to the next limit, then this is for you.

The main pros of this rower is that if you are focusing on brute strength or you find that the other rowers do not give you the resistance you need, then this machine just might be the perfect choice. Remember that if you are just starting out this rower may be too heavy duty.

electric smoker review

As a cookout enthusiast, I appreciate a great smoker especially if it can deliver good results. However, it is important to understand that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just so you can get the best smoker in town.

In this electric smoker review, we will talk about the smokers that you can get under a thousand dollars and if you happen to be looking for something around that price range then this article will definitely help you with that.

electric smoker review

Plenty of Options

If you look at it, there are plenty of inexpensive electric smokers out there. But the problem is that, you tend to miss them because you are so focused on what’s new or what’s popular. However, you can now do that as there are plenty of well-designed electric as well as non-electric smokers in the market today that you will certainly please you. Here are a few:

  • The Big Chief Front Load Smoker – this $134 smoker is big enough for large portions of meat and with the company’s 55 years of experience in making smokers, this is exactly what you need in your kitchen. What’s wonderful about this smoker is that it is perfect for barbecues as well as smoking meat, cheese, sausages etc. You can also adjust the cooking temperatures according to your preferred temperature and taste.
  • The Old Smokey Electric Smoker – only sold at $180 or less, this wonderful smoker is simple but all around favorite by many people. If you like it basic and if you are only learning about smoking meat then this is the perfect smoker to practice with.
  • The Pit Barrel Cooker – for those who are looking for something that uses charcoal when smoking then this is the ideal smoker for you. It can cook up to 8 racks of ribs in one setting and is designed to operate around 300 degrees. It’s simple to use and yet this smoker can deliver delicious smoky flavored food anytime, anywhere.
  • The Napoleon Apollo 3 in 1 Smoker – if you are looking for smokers below $500 then this is the best deal for your money. It has three sections in one smoker meaning you can cook your ribs, sausages, and other meat with no hassle. Plus this smoker is designed with an effective airflow system so you are certain that this smoker can give you the best tasting meats in no time.
  • The Weber Smokey Mountain 18 Inch Smoker – good news for WSM fans for they came up with a smoker that totally fits your budget. This smoker is designed with a lid mounted with thermometer while the bottom part is protected from heat so any surface is protected from the smoker’s heat and yet it can still give you the best smoky flavored meat.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to electric and non-electric smokers. These are the top five smokers we found to be pocket-friendly that you should definitely check out. For more affordable smokers, make sure to read more non-electric and Best backyard smoker so you can find the ones that can work out best for your needs and budget, good luck!